Learn and Enjoy English

How can we really improve our English? Is there really a shortcut to learning a language? Our students read and learn different topics from our bulletin board, besides the four skills taught in the regular classroom. The trick to learning a language is to enjoy the journey of learning itself. And find and discover what works best for you.  

It's the time of the year to be merry and happy as Christmas and New Year is near. Our students enjoy their English lesson, practicing in pairs. Speaking clearly and loudly is encouraged to build students' confidence. 

On our bulletin board, we have some interesting Christmas movie recommendation for our students this winter holiday.

This is the 5th year for our English Bulletin Board and homepage. Students are encouraged to read and learn different topics in English. We hope our students will learn English beyond the textbook and find learning English useful and fun.                                     ALT Chloe PN

English Lesson (Apr - May 2019)

In Grade 1 Lesson, students learnt about Singapore from our ALT, Ms Chloe. In the second half of the lesson, students had to find 3 new friends on their interview list and do a self introduction before they proceed with the interview questions. 

In Grade 2 Lesson, students learnt to help tourist at the train station with a real subway map of Fukuoka. It was a fun lesson as it was the first time for many students to travel on a real subway! 

Fun and Exciting "English World 2019"

With the blooming of cherry blossom brings a start to a new school term. Welcome to our English World Bulletin! We have added "Foreign Cultures & Events", " Stay Healthy" corner to our bulletin board. There's a variety of topics for everyone to enjoy. 

We're all looking forward to a great school year. 

Kasuga English Speech Contest 2018

In this summer, students worked really hard for Kasuga English Speech Contest. It is amazing to see how students grow and develop within a short period of time. With this experience, our students will strive towards their future goals. This year's winners are

Grade        Name                       Title

Grade 1     Nakai Shino              The way to peace 

Grade 1     Shiratsuchi Megumi   How to master another language

Let's Learn English 2018

Welcome to our new bulletin board "Let's Learn English". This year we have renewed our bulletin board to include Events in Town, latest School News and useful English Phrases and Proverbs. 

English Lesson (Sept~Oct 2018)

English Lesson (June ~ July 2018)

English Lesson (April~May 2018)

Jump Start Program (Jan ~ Feb 2018)

In Grade 1 lesson "How was your last trip?" , we had a quiz on Australia. Students challenged quiz about Australia's  popular places, food and animals.  

Discovery Bulletin Board (Winter)

In our Discovery Program, students will learn new English Phrases and Proverb every month.

Jump Start Program (SeptーOct 2017)

Grade 1 students enjoyed "Guess who am I ?" Famous People Game. They learned new vocabulary and used grammar structure from previous lessons. 

In the Grade 2, the topic is on "Reuse, Reduce and Recycle". Students learned how they can save the environment by their own actions. 

The 12th Kasuga City's English Speech Contest 2017

In this year's English Speech Contest, our students worked hard amid their busy club activities and competition. And the result of the speech contest is as follows:

2nd Prize  : Koyama Soichiro (2nd Grader)

                  "Alice in Wonderland"

2nd Prize  : Koharu Hayashi (3rd Grader)

                  Yamaguchi Hana (3rd Grader)

                  "Baba Yaga"

DISCOVERY Bulletin Board (Summer)

Who is Abraham Lincoln? What is the capital city of Canada? Find out more on our Discovery Bulletin Board "Summer 2017". 

We have also collaborated with the librarian to bring in books in both English and Japanese of related topics. 

DISCOVERY Bulletin Board

Discover Science, Music, Art and other subjects in English. We have also started Discovery Bulletin Board, to open up the world of English to our students. 

"Jump Start" A new English Program Making a brand new wave, 2017!

"Jump Start" A new English Program has been launched to increase opportunity for students to use what they have learnt. 

"H.I.H. Prince Takamado Trophy The 68th All Japan Inter-Middle School    English Oratorical Contest"                  ( Nov 24th and 25th)

Koyama Suzune, participated in "H.I.H. Prince Takamado Trophy The 68th All Japan Inter-Middle School English Oratorical Contest" in Tokyo on Nov 24th, and was in the top 7 in her group. Having won in the semi-finals, she joined in the finals on Nov 25th. She won a special prize from Coca-cola. Congratulations to Koyama Suzune! 

"Takamado no Miya Trophy" English Speech Contest, Oct 3rd 2016

Koyama Suzune, our 3rd Grader student, participated in the  "Takamado no Miya Trophy English Oratorical Contest" in Fukuoka city. She won 3rd Prize for her speech "Open Your Doors To The World". 

Kasuga City's 11th English Speech Contest 2016

In Kasuga City's 11th English Speech Contest 2016, our students gave an amazing performance. The results are as follows:

2nd Prize:    Koyama Ichiro (Grade 1)

                   "Gingerbread Man"

2nd Prize:    Yamaguchi Hana (Grade 2)

                   "The Giving Tree"

1st Prize:      Murakami Rena (Grade 3) 

                   "Audrey Hepburn" 

2nd Prize:    Hayakawa Mami (Grade 3)

                  "Audrey Hepburn"

1st Prize:     Nakai Ibuki (Grade 2)

                  "Experience Enriches You" (Free Speech) 

◆部活動紹介(Club Activities)

Hot, hot, hot in Kasuga East Junior High School. The fever is on, students wake up early to go to school to join club activities in the morning every day. There are Sports, Arts and Cultural Club Activities.


1. Basketball

“Good shot!” The gym is filled with positive and vibrant energy. Students easily throw a 3 pointers ball into the net. “Great footwork!” They train hard and have fast reflexes. 

2. Volleyball

“Serve the ball!”Students move at great speed and heights to strike the ball. The girls’ team greeted me warmly, with their happy smile. 

3. Table tennis

A table tennis game can be very intense, watching the light weight ball flying in all directions I wonder how it is possible to get it bounce on and off the table. Students training hard along their encouraging coach. 

4. Kendo

Kendo is a modern Japanese martial art, descended from swordsmanship (kenjutsu) and uses bamboo swords (shinai) and protective armour (bogu). Kendo is a way to discipline the human character, seeing the students in the training, I am lost for words for the spirit is beautiful and peaceful. 

5. Baseball

“Swing your bat!” “Run!” “Hold your bat higher!” “Nice Shot!”You can hear the intense and passion in the coaches voice. Boys become man when they are in the field playing baseball. I cannot be more impressed. Powerful team work says it all. 

6. Soccer

“Excellent ball control!” The soccer team is in training, dribbling and kicking the ball on the field.  Team work runs the show! 

7. Tennis

With great confidence, students hit each ball that flew across the net at great speed and force. “Hit it with your best shot!”

8. Softball

It’s a all girls team, looking strong and handsome in their great team work. “Catch the ball” “Hit it!” “Run!” The teams’ voices echoes in the air.

9. Swimming

Swimming comes natural to the human mind and body, powerful stroke and fast speed, gliding like a fish. “Have you reach the goal?!”In lightning speed, “I have”. 

10. Track & Field

Training together as a team, running and encouraging each other. Stretching their limits as the wind carries them in their race. “Feel the speed under my wings!”


1. Brass Band

Music is in the air, students practicing in different corners in the hallway. What a magnificent sight! Sound of music touches everyone’s heart.  

2. Art and Craft

Each students have their unique sense and feel for art, creativity fills the room. A dragon picture so real, I had to touch it, wondering if it will pop out of the painting!

3. Broadcasting

An amazing club, giving students real hands on. I love hearing announcements over the broadcast anytime of the day. It brings the whole school together as a family, as a team. 

4. Tea Ceremony and Flower Arrangements

The art of tea ceremony, called chanoyu(茶の湯)or sado(茶道)in Japanese is appreciated by many around the world. Zen Buddihism was a primary influence in the development of the Japanese tea ceremony.


Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, also known as Kado. Giving life to flower, it allows self -expression.  


Students practicing tea ceremony and flower arrangements look so serene and beautiful. 

5. Volunteer

The spirit of giving and helping others is a bigger course in life. Students joining volunteer club have a big heart and lovely smile. 


The greatest thing about East Junior High School is “No kids Get Left Behind”. After school, students who needs extra help receives attention and guidance from teachers, sitting outside the teacher’s room, a hallway filled with tables and chairs. I see hopes and dreams, to uncover hidden talents.  “I don’t know.” is a powerful tool to learning, stretching ourselves to discovering knowledge and wisdom.